Worst Horror Movies That Can Spoil A Good Halloween

Horror movies can be bloodily interesting to watch. That is if you do not get one that has nothing to tell, only senseless blood and faces that couldn’t scare a bump out of an antelope.

It’s horrifying that sometimes you wonder how come they don’t get it. Killing people for no reason, and ending the killing without anyone confronting or defeating the killer is no horror. Just Horrible.

You will never know how hard it is to select the worst of these horror movies until you sit to look around. There are many of them, which is a big disappointment.

Warning: Well, there may be blood and creepy stuff, but if you want to enjoy any Halloween, these would never help. They are possibly the worst horror movies you can get.

 Maximum Overdrive

Worst Horror Movies
Maximum Overdrive

Although it is a 1986 movie, you would still have expected more from Stephen King. And when he promised to scare you from sleep, you should believe. But he didn’t keep his words this time around. The movie had so much going wrong with the machines that turned to haunt people, and when King later admitted he didn’t know what he was doing, no one thought he exaggerated a thing!

Hood of Horror (2006)

Worst Horror Movies
Hood of Horror

There is no way this Snoop Dogg’s movie should escape this list. You will give it to him that he has had good actors, but what more? The movie tries to tell so many things at the same time, that it ended up barely telling a story. After this movie, one would search everywhere to find the horror, fun, or anything positive it has to offer.

The Happening (2008)

Worst Horror Movies That Can Spoil A Good Halloween
The Happening

One thing that spoiled this movie was when the editor forgot to put “did you realize this was a joke?” at the end. Sure it wasn’t supposed to be a joke but it ended as one. The movie talks of some chemicals reversing in your brain to force you to kill yourself. That sure sounds promising until you watch. There is nothing that works in this movie. Not the acting, or directing, or story-line, or anything.

 Paranormal Activity (2007)

Worst Horror Movies That Can Spoil A Good Halloween
Paranormal Activity

What makes this movie worse than it is, is how much hype it received, probably from the producers or those yet to watch. And somehow, the movie is a success as a franchise, but that is all it is. It would have made it better as something else but definitely not horror, as it didn’t make me flinch. The spoiler is that the casting wasn’t even good.

Zombie Nation (2004)

Worst Horror Movies That Can Spoil A Good Halloween
Zombie Nation

There are some horror movies, and movies in general, that get too bad that you begin to enjoy the unexaggerated show of dumbness. The worst flaw of Zombie nation is that it even fails in this. I love the story it has to tell, of some zombie women rising from the grave to get a revenge on a cop who kills women he arrests. Brilliant not so? That is where it stops. Every other thing keeps getting bad until thank heavens, it ends.

Lazarus Effect (2015)

Worst Horror Movies That Can Spoil A Good Halloween
Lazarus Effect

What a good movie does is that it builds from nothing to suspense to climax, and boom! What Lazarus Effects does is that it builds from nothing but a good title, then suspense, then what-the-heck, then dumb and finally, it destroys everything. The movie has a casting that can easily deceive, but even good actors cannot always make a bad movie good.

Piranha 3D (2010)

Worst Horror Movies That Can Spoil A Good Halloween
Piranha 3D

There is greater honor and decency in doing a horror movie if you want or simply a porno if you must, rather than mixing the two until you get confused about what the hell is happening! It’s cool that the movie is 3D, but what else has it got going? It is bloody, thanks to the human-eating fishes that infested the waters where a party was going on. That is all.

Rubber (2010)

Worst Horror Movies That Can Spoil A Good Halloween

Unlike most other bad horror movies, Rubber prepares you for what you are about to watch. That is unless you didn’t read the starting long and boring monologue correctly. It is a movie of a tire that comes alive and begins blowing off people’s heads. It would go on to stalk a beautiful girl. Now that is how best and how far I can go with telling the movie. While in production, the movie gulped in $500,000, it was only able to make about $100,000 in the theater.

The Apparition (2012)

Worst Horror Movies That Can Spoil A Good Halloween
The Apparition

This horror movie has scored a fail in different things including creating suspense and tension. It even gets hopelessly worse with the use of unneeded beats to create tension. The movie tells the same old story; a young couple’s future is shattered by a dark secret. The Apparition picked on an old movie, which it could neither develop nor retell properly. Result? Awfully bad.