The long wait is finally over! The Walking Dead season 7 has returned on October 23rd. The last season’s final episode left us with a cliffhanger: Negan, who is the leader of The Saviors is revealed, and one of the important and primary characters was soon going to meet his end. Tons of speculation has been afoot since then and there is really nothing that is accurate except for what we have in store for you. Here are some nuggets:

At the end of Season 6, the villain Negan stood in front of the characters whom we have loved over the course of the series which include: Aaron, Abraham, Carl, Daryl, Eugene, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Rick, Rosita, and Sasha alphabetically. They were on their knees and Negan was about doing something really shocking among these characters when the episode came to an end!

1. From what we know, the first episode of Season 7 continues exactly from the point the last season ended, so the first few minutes of this episode must reveal the character who meets his or her end. The 7th season is, therefore, going to begin on a solid and engaging note, probably even getting fans to shed some tears at the demise of a beloved character.

2. In the previous season, we discovered that the people of Alexandria finally learned theirs is not the sole working society that still exists. They meet The Saviors and the Hilltop and there are also a few men in combat gear who we see but do not seem to belong to any group that has been revealed till now.

The men in combat gear are probably a part of the group called The Kingdom. Is this for certain? Yes, that’s because it has already been revealed that Ezekiel (Khary Payton) will be on the show in season 7 with his tiger named Shiva. This is a completely new character different from any we have seen so far.

3. So far the way it worked was that Rick and the other main characters in Alexandria were in full control of the community and did not answer to anyone. It is not going to be that way in Season 7 as it was evident at the end of season 6 where The Saviors were the ones in control. As we heard from Norman Reedus; the actor who plays Daryl Dixon, in an interview, that we are about to see a “shift of power completely”

4. From the Walking Dead comic book series, we know that Negan and Carl have a strange relationship. Carl is tough and a fighter who will not give up or back down and is one of the toughest and cold characters later in the series. This, however, is not exactly what we have seen in the TV show. One incident from the comic book series is interesting. Carl actually kills several of The Saviors and proceeds to threaten Negan however, Negan is not annoyed, he is impressed and ultimately returns Carl to his father without hurting him.

Although it is not certain up to what extent this season explores this relationship, but we have heard from The Walking Dead star, Andrew Lincoln a little about this plot in the show when he mentioned that he is interested in the relationship between the villain Negan and Carl, also the relationship between Carl and Rick and he felt that there is a very intricate and amazing psychology that involves the behavior of these characters.

5. Another strong possibility at the season’s first episode could be that Negan kills more than one member of the cast. This could be a strong change and a great shocker for fans of the show. It could make for an interesting season if this happens and a host of new characters and situations is to be expected.

In fact, Jeffery Dean Morgan, the actor who plays Negan in the show, actually mentioned that Negan was not just going to kill one person in the season 7 premiere as he was absolutely “not afraid of bashing in skulls.” We have already understood that Negan does not shy away from any sort of violence when he wants to make a point, especially a point that he is the one in control. we are all left to guess who are the people he kills in the first episode.