US Elections: Big 12 Top Celebrity Endorsements

It is a stone throw to November 8 and celebrity endorsements are still falling on choice candidates more than in any other election ever held.

Obama’s elections of 2008 and 2012 pulled in many celebrities and media personalities, but it was never like this. In fact, this election has not only attracted celebrities, it has attracted everyone in the US and almost every other country.

The election is surely more unique than any before, not only because the country is having a first real shot by a woman who may as well win, but also, because the race is too close to call. More so, the stakes are extremely high for supporters of both Trump and Clinton.

Clinton’s supporters believe Trump is not only dangerous to himself and America, but also to the world. Trump supporters, on the other hand, feel Clinton is the worst thing that can happen to the country. It gets even more interesting that the election is not only seeing celebrity endorsements but also disendorsements by politicians and the media. This is as some stars have declared their readiness to jet out of the country as soon as a certain candidate wins.

Here are top 12 celebrity endorsements for the two major candidates in the elections

Oprah Winfrey: Clinton

US Elections:12 Big Celebrity Endorsements

One big voice in support of Clinton is the big Winfrey. While commenting on the 2016 elections on T.D. Jakes show, the media mogul threw in for Clinton when she declared how much she liked America. She went on to say “I am with her, there is no other Choice”. She called on Americans to vote against democracy of damaged mind.

Adele: Clinton

Big Celebrity Endorsements

She is not American, but she has a huge American followership, so she can definitely speak. And she did, by endorsing Clinton. The Brit singer, in her endorsement of Clinton who just turned 69, told fans in a concert not to “vote for him”. She went on to say “I am English, but what happens in America affects me too… I am 100 percent for Hillary Clinton. I love her; she’s amazing.” This endorsement may go a long way for Clinton since most people believe Adele is extremely reasonable among most other celebrities.

Tila Tequila: Trump

Big Celebrity Endorsements

Of the celebrity endorsements in the elections, Tila Tequila’s came quite earlier than most. The former reality TV star and model in a 2015 YouTube video, declared that she was for Trump. She emphasized the same sentiments in an interview in 2016, calling on voters to support him.

Robert De Niro: Clinton

US Elections:12 Big Celebrity Endorsements

The legendary Hollywood star did not stop at endorsing Clinton; he went on to blast Trump whom he said he would love to punch in the face. According to the Star, Clinton has earned a right to lead America

Bruce Willis: Trump

Big Celebrity Endorsements

One person who is in full throttle support of Trump is the Die Hard actor, Bruce Willis. Willis has admitted openly that he is a diehard Trump supporter. He appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon wearing a suit, blond hair, and a Make America Great Again cap, signaling an endorsement of trump.

Mike Tyson: Trump

US Elections: 12 Big Celebrity Endorsements

Tyson thinks Trump has not got it all right, but he should be president. The former heavyweight champion threw into the Trump ring when in an interview he said he would vote for the GOP candidate. Iron Mike also said the country needs to dump Obama for Trump.

LeBron James: Clinton

Big Celebrity Endorsements

Hardly was there one that expected the Cleaveland Cavaliers Star to speak on the elections, but he did. And he did it in favor of Clinton whom he says can follow in the steps of Obama.  He also thinks she has the political experience and intelligence to occupy the White House.

Steven Spielberg: Clinton

Big Celebrity Endorsements

The Oscar-winning director and Academy Award winner is among the most faithful supporters of Clinton. Spielberg gave the democratic nominee his support since the first time she contested in 2008. 8 years later, his support has not wavered.

Ted Nugent: Trump

Big Celebrity Endorsements

How effective Nugent support can go, none can tell, but he gives it to Trump. According to the musician who uses every opportunity he gets to preach trump, the GOP candidate deserves a medal of freedom for his boldness, honesty, and straightforwardness. He believes, Obama, the Pope, and so many others against Trump are the enemies.

Omarosa Manigault: Trump

US Elections:12 Big Celebrity Endorsements

Omarosa does not only endorse Trump, she falls among a member of his campaign team. The media personality who is director of Trump’s African-American outreach, says her goal is to get the vote of 15 to 20 percent of African-American.

Miley Cyrus: Clinton

Big Celebrity Endorsements

Clinton was not the first choice for the American pop singer, but after her preferred candidate, Bernie Sanders, lost out, she joined the Clinton train as a big supporter. Cyrus is a massive support as she will help serve to pull other Sanders’ supporters who may not want to support Clinton.

Stacey Dash: Trump

 Big Celebrity Endorsements

The support of Dash may not amount to much, still, she gives it to trump. The actress didn’t hold down her voice on twitter when she declared her support for her man, saying she would help him take out the squatters, as she posted her picture in front of the White House. People like Kristie Alley and Arnold Schwarzenegger have pulled out their endorsement for Trump.