With Martha Stewart’s recent appearance on The Ellen Show reigniting interest in her, we actually went out of our way to look for Martha Stewarts facts that will either surprise or amuse you.

Besides her infamous insider trading scandal and the fact that she has a wicked sense of humor (See: Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast), ask yourself what you really know about her.

Being the mogul that she is, so much of her business is out there so I’m sure you already know more than a few Martha Stewart facts. But why don’t you add some more to list?

You’re going to find this surprising but did you know Martha used to be a model.

Yes, it’s so true – she worked as a model when she was younger to pay for her college tuition.


It shouldn’t be that surprising though, Martha is very a beautiful woman. She was even named on People magazine’s 1996 list of “50 Most Beautiful People in the World”.

Her relatively successful modeling career ended when she married Andrew Stewart in 1963.

Now here’s something you find might funny.

Martha Stewart used to Date Sir Anthony Hopkins.

No, that’s not the funny part. The funny part is that she broke up with him after watching his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of The Lambs.

Apparently, she couldn’t disassociate Anthony Hopkins with his Hannibal Lecter character.

We can’t say we blame her, though. It was a pretty creepy yet amazing portrayal.


I bet she would have probably hung in there if she knew how he was going to portray Odin in the Thor movie franchise.


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She is America’s first female self-made billionaire.

I mean…you knew she was wealthy but did you know she was the first ever, self-made, female billionaire.

This is neither surprising nor funny, it’s just plain impressive.

Martha Stewart went to Prison over chump change, basically.

It’s only chump change when you’re a billionaire, not to the rest of us mere mortals though.

But honestly, the whole debacle that almost cost Martha her multi-billion-dollar Omnimedia empire was over $50,000.

Here’s the entire breakdown:

Back in 2001, after Martha heard that her friend Sam Waskal (ImClone Chief Executive Officer) was dumping his shares of the Biotech company – ImClone, she sold her own 3,928 shares for $229,500.

Not long after that, ImClone went public with the fact that the FDA had rejected one of their drugs.

Considering Martha only saved $50,000 (what is probably chump change for her), was it really worth the tornado that followed?

We’re not going to lie though, she mounted an impressive comeback.


Making a comeback is not an easy thing to do, just ask Lindsay Lohan (yeah, I know, we shouldn’t still be making Lindsay Lohan jokes in 2016).

Her birth name is Martha Kostyra

And she was born in New Jersey.

Just throwing that out there.

Let’s revisit some of the things you actually do know about Martha.

For one: she is a relentless workaholic surviving on about four hours of sleep every day.

Secondly, she learned how cook, sew and bake from her mother while she picked up gardening from her father.

We are also very familiar with the fact that she got her bachelor’s degree from Barnard College in New York City.

She is an animal lover having her dark horse Rutger, champion show Chow Chow dogs, Himalayan Cats, French Bulldogs and Friesian horses as pets.

She has a daughter named Alexis.

And her mother – Martha Kostyra – was called Big Martha, which is a pretty cool nickname if you ask me.

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Back to facts you don’t know about her?


Martha Stewart actually has a dry sense of humor, she said so herself.

Marth Stewart At Comedy Central’s Justin Bieber Roast

Also, did you know Martha was a huge Eminem fan? That, to me, has to be one of the most surprising things on this list.

Martha Stewart was actually once a stockbroker.

Yeah, you read that right.

She began work in 1967 trading for Wall Street on the runway.

She admitted in a Vanity Fair article that she used her modelling experience to her advantage eventually becoming one of the only female brokers at Perlberg, Monness, Williams and Sidel.

However, she left wallstreet to spend more time with Alexis, her daughter.

Despite the fact that Martha can make pretty much anything in the kitchen, her favorite home-cooked meal is scrambled eggs. Pretty interesting right?