Tattoos You Should Never Get

There are tattoos you should never get. It doesn’t really matter what celebrities whose feet you would kiss, has such. You don’t want to know their regrets.

Let’s pretend tattoos are not toxic, expensive, or painful, and you must have them. What we can’t pretend about is that tattoos stick on you forever.

Given, a tattoo can be cool, but there are things that come to play with it. It will always talk about you even before you do, and no one gives a heck whether you had it in your mother’s belly, or when you were drunk on the night you turned 18.

Among the dumbest things you can do to yourself is getting tattoos you might later not want. That is as bad as pooing in the public. Maybe even dumber.

Below are some tattoos you should never get:

Faces of Lovers

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Faces of Lovers Tattoos

Of all the tattoos you should never get, faces of lovers is the worst. In fact, the only thing worse than a bad tattoo is a good tattoo of a lover’s face, except if that lover is dead and you are ready to join the casket. It doesn’t matter for how long you have been dating, tomorrow can be funny, and people can be worse. The irony is, your lover may love you forever but you may stop loving your lover tomorrow.

Trending Things

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Trends Tattoos

This is the internet age and everything passes away in the speed of light. People have written “All of me” on their skin, and now John Legend has forgotten he even sang the song. How about election dates and candidates? Dumb!

Crude Jokes or Images

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Crude Tattoo

A bad joke is having a joke tattoo. Jokes don’t become jokes after swallowing them more than twice. It’s even worse when it’s a crude joke or image or something vulgar. Soon the jokes will disappear and the only thing that would be on your flesh is how crude you are.

Names of Celebrities

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Celebrity Names Tattoos

Are you kidding me? Names of celebrities no matter how much you love them should be in the magazines and papers you collect on them, and not on your body. Talk about them as much as possible, or even wear T-shirts with their faces since you can burn those when they mess up, but don’t have them on yourself!

Names and Faces of Politicians

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Trump Tattoos

The only reason you should have a politician drawn on yourself is if you want to experiment on the new tattoo cleaning technique you have designed. Politicians at best lose elections and at worse win and betray the hell out of you.

Anything you Can’t SPELL

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Wrong Spellings

Unless you are sure you can spell it, don’t have it on yourself. It will be a bad joke, and a bad joke shouldn’t be on your skin in the first place. Even if not as a mistake, don’t intentionally spell something on your skin wrongly, except if you have thought of a way of letting people know you are not as dumb as what is seen on your skin.

Facial Tattoo

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Mike Tyson: Facial Tattoo

Go ahead and have a facial tattoo if you must. My advice is having buttocks drawn there. Hopefully, when you are old you can tell kids someone sat on you and left red ink on your face. Trust me, they will believe you.

Names of Lovers

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Lover’s Tattoo

Names of lovers are as bad on your skin as their faces. You will never know how stupid you are until you finish drawing and you realize your partner has been cheating on you, or your partner doesn’t want you anymore, or you don’t want your partner anymore. The only reason you should have a lover’s name tattooed on you is when the next thing you want tattooed is “What an a**hole?” you were.

The Face of Your Child

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Face of Child Tattoo

Our babies are the most beautiful things in the world. Still, having a tattoo of them across your chest, back or wherever is a terrible idea. That is except if you have a way of cleaning it each year and redrawing as they grow. By the way, it is bad to wrinkle the face of your baby just because your body is wrinkling.

Cartoons and Animations

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Cartoon Tattoo

How old did you say you are again? Come on, leave cartoons on TV for kids to watch, having it on your skin is a bad idea. It doesn’t matter whether it is a character from Boondocks or Family Guy, having a cartoon or animation character on you is the best way to tell people how resistant you are to growing up.

Any Product

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Product Tatoo

Are you doing it for free or you will get paid? How much? Having a Play Station on yourself or any Logo is an injustice to yourself. If you must turn yourself into a walking billboard make sure you get a few bucks for it; advertising is good business.

Your Name or Your Face

Tattoos You Should Never Have On Yourself
Self Tattoo

Okay seriously, is this dumb or what? What happened to just taking a photo if you are so into looking at yourself. Better still carry a mirror with you at all times.


It doesn’t matter the type you want to have, having it in a wrong place is as bad as having tattoos you should never get.