Of the top ten things Donald Trump talks about, Donald Trump definitely takes the top five positions. “My business in China and all over the world” which of course is about himself takes the sixth position.

The beauty of his wife, Ivanka, and other women is at the seventh position. On the eight position is his family. You can’t find Tiffany there, though. Ninth is building the wall and Mexico paying, while tenth is other things. Tiffany Trump again won’t be found in other things.

You will sure find the Ghost of Hillary hovering somewhere in the things he says. But somehow, you will never find Tiffany around. It is so bad that one may ask if Tiffany is another Billy Bush locker talk that he wants hidden.

She isn’t. She is his 22-year-old daughter, who was born to him by his second wife, Marla Maples. Tiffany is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, with a double major in sociology and urban studies.

She happens to be more popular on Instagram where she has over 250 thousand followers than with her father.

Before you hop on the guess train, here are my top nine reasons why Donald Trump avoids talking about his daughter Tiffany Trump:

  1. She is Mummy’s Girl

After the Trump/Marples Tower of marriage collapsed, Tiffany Trump took a walk with her mother to California. This might have caused a strain on her relationship with daddy Donald, making it hard for him to have much to say about her.

Why Donald Trump Avoids Talking About His Daughter Tiffany
Donald, Maples, and Tiffany
  1. Tiffany Trump is not Ivanka Trump

Of all his children, Trump flaunts Ivanka more. He believes she is extremely beautiful to a point that were she not his daughter he would have had no qualms walking down the aisle with her. It doesn’t matter that she is married. Tiffany is as well beautiful but her beauty may be different from the kind her father wants.

  1. His Plans Are Not Hers

Tiffany is somewhat pulled from business and politics, unlike the apple of his eyes, Ivanka, who happens to be some sort of a sword bearer for Donald in his campaign. What does Tiffany do? She sings, hangs around Instagram, hangs with her Democrat boyfriend and friends, then throws very little light on politics, before going to other things including her education talks.

  1. She is not Hillary Clinton

If only she were Hillary, Donald would have talked about her in just this period of elections more than necessary for two lifetimes. It’s great though she isn’t; who wants to be a Clinton Trump would talk about?

  1. She may as well be Running from Donald Trump

Remember Tiffany Trump dodging a kiss from her father after the second presidential debate? That could as well mean that she is the one distancing herself from him and not the other way round. But she loves him. Didn’t we all watch her say it? Did you see where she sat during the debate or was I looking at things that weren’t there?

  1. Dating a Democrat has nothing to do with it

Tiffany Trump is dating a 21-year-old Democrat, Ross Mechanic. That, however, has got nothing to do with her father, after all, he has been cool friends with Bill Clinton for a very long time. And you can’t believe the things Bill told him while playing golf, though he wouldn’t say them out loud.

  1. Being the “Odd” one has nothing to do with it either

Why Donald Trump Avoids Talking About His Daughter Tiffany
Ivanka and Tiffany

Before we get it all mixed, Tiffany happens to be the odd one out of the five children of Donald Trump, for sure. While Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka, and Eric share the same mother, Tiffany Trump is an only child like Barron Trump. Unlike Barron whose mother is still with Donald, however, Tiffany’s mother has been divorced for a long time. This has nothing to do with it as she is loved by her half brothers and sister, and she is one of them.

  1. Mother Factor

Maple has had some interviews in the past on the relationship between Donald and Tiffany. Didn’t she on more than one occasion refer to herself as a single mother? Did that affect the relationship between father and daughter? Who can ever tell?

  1. It is not that he doesn’t Love her

There are things we cannot understand about Trump, and not talking about Tiffany like he does others is one. No matter the reasons to be drawn we must understand that he loves his daughter. He is proud of her too like he is of all his children who happen to all be achievers.