Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them
Megan Fox

We all have things we fear, and I don’t mean death. Little things that could mean nothing to others, and could not even harm us in any real sense.

Our reactions to these things could be as mild as having goose bumps, to as serious as having a fever, nausea, or something even worse.

Don’t beat yourself up if you have such phobias. You don’t know the number of stars whom you think are larger than life that fear things smaller than what you can’t imagine.

Here are some crazy Phobias and stars who suffer from them.

Ornithophobia: Fear of Birds

Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them
Scarlett Johansson

Come on, aren’t birds suppose to be sweet and beautiful? Well not so for all, there are people who have fear of them. We are not talking about owls, vultures, and bats here, it’s everything bird.

The star who has this fear is Scarlett Johansson. She is in fact scared of most things with wings.

Hapnophobia: Fear of Being Touched

Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them
kelly Osbourne

Among other crazy phobias, this should definitely have a special place. This phobia makes you get irritated when people touch you. More than anything, people with this phobia cherish their privacy.

kelly Osbourne is one star that has this phobia. The fear is mostly associated with sexual fear.

Coulrophobia: Fear of Clowns

Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them
Johnny Depp

Clowns are supposed to be funny and exciting to children and even adults. But somehow, some people actually have some sort of fear for them.

A star that has fear for this is in fact, Captain Sparrow. Yes, Johnny Depp has a fear for clowns. He doesn’t trust all their smiles, as he fears there is something evil lurking beneath.

Daniel Radcliffe and Sean Combs (P Diddy), are others that have this fear too.

Chiclephobia: Fear of Chewing Gum

Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them
Oprah Winfrey

That is the fear of Chewing gum. And it’s no one other than the big Oprah Winfrey that has this fear. It’s so bad that she has banned the chewing of gums in her studio.

Lepidopterophobia: Fear of Butterflies

Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them
Nicole Kidman

Aren’t you suppose to have butterflies in your stomach when you fall in love? Thank heavens it’s not the real butterfly if not Nicole Kidman would have forever stayed out of love.

Eisoptrophobia: Fear of Mirrors

Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them
Pamela Anderson

This is another rather creepy one among other crazy phobias. According to experts, this phobia has a superstitious undertone and the belief that it has a way of seeing the soul.

While mirrors can be said to a lady’s best friend, Pamela Anderson is one lady and star, who prefers to stay away.

Herpetophobia: Fear of Reptiles

Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them
Britney Spears

Among other crazy phobias, this is most common, after all, most of us are scared of earthworms, lizard, and snakes.

Britney Spears is the star with this phobia. She is more scared of large reptiles and lizards than she is of snakes.

Brontophobia: Fear of Thunder

Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them

What do you think of Madonna? That she fears nothing? You are wrong. She has fears for thunder. It’s not like this fear is as a result of any possibility that the thunder may harm you. Rather, it just comes like other crazy phobias.

Nyctophobia: Fear of Darkness

Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them
Keanu Reeves

Probably because of dreams, or taking in so much ghost stories, or other only-heaven-can-tell reasons, fear of the dark is also popular. The fear here, by the way, is not necessarily when it’s night.

Keanu Reeves, Megan Fox, and Jennifer Love Hewitt are some stars that have nyctophobia. While Reeves said his is more philosophical, Fox is extremely scared of the dark that she goes to bed without turning off the light. Hewitt is scared there maybe some monsters under the bed.

Ataxophobia: Fear of Disorder

Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them
David Beckham

There are people who actually fear and get irritated by any single thing that is out of place. Such people always make sure that everything around them is clean and tidy.

I wont say you throw in your coin on this because you will say, David Beckham. That would have been right. The always tidy man actually has the fear of disorder and dirtiness.

Panophobia: Fear of Everything

Crazy Phobias And Stars Who Suffer From Them
Woody Allen

When you pull together all the crazy phobias and those you can say are not crazy because you suffer from them, that is when you will get this phobia. It is the fear of everything.

That is the fear of Woody Allen. The veteran actor and screenwriter has fears for practically almost everything including height, darkness, dirt and whatsoever.

I cannot tell, however, if he has fears for ugliness (Cacophobia).