Celebs who should have never attempted plastic surgery

There are definitely some celebs who should have never attempted plastic surgery.

Say what you will about celebrities but they are also prone to vanity just as much as we are. The only difference is that they actually have the money to do something about it.

Sometimes, the transformation comes out great; other times, not so much.

The list below features just a few celebs who should have never gotten plastic surgery, they honestly shouldn’t have even thought about it because, frankly, they were better off au naturel.

You can expect to see some of the usual suspects but starting off our list is:

  1. Pamela Anderson

In all fairness, you probably saw this one coming.

When the Canadian bombshell stole the hearts of many teenage boys during her days in Playboy and the early seasons of Baywatch, she was an all natural, fresh-faced, curvaceous beauty.

However, after her turn on V.I.P and Home Improvement, Pamela is barely recognizable as a result of her multiple ‘body-improvements’.

Thankfully, Pamela didn’t get all her surgeries at once like a certain other celebrity on this list (Hint: Heidi Montag).

Who are we to say whether or not Pamela Anderson shouldn’t have gotten her plastic surgery?

Why don’t you be the judge of that (and agree with us)?