Larry King and Shawn Southwick

It is quite confusing that while so many things seem to be working for most celebrities, marriages don’t. In fact, it is easier and truer to say that staying in relationships seem to work for most of these celebrities than marriage.

This has made the number of celebrities that have married more than twice quite large. While some remarry the same people they divorced, most find new people.

Below are some celebrities who have married more than twice.

Jennifer Lopez (3)

Celebrities That Have Married More Than Twice
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Ojani Noa was J-Lo’s first husband, whom she married in 1997. The marriage lasted less than a year and ended in a divorce. Her next marriage was to Chris Judd in 2001. Two years after, the marriage ended. The singer remained alone till 2004 when she married Marc Anthony. After separating in 2011, the marriage was formally ended in 2014.

Drew Barrymore (3)

Celebrities That Have Married More Than Twice
Drew and Will Kopelman

Barrymore’s first marriage was to Jeremy Thomas in 1994. One year after saying “aye” to “till death do us part”, the couple broke up. In 2001, she married her second, Tom Green and a year later again, the couple parted ways. The actress and model would wait until 2012 before she would marry Will Kopelman, but this too wasn’t to be patient till death, as it broke up in 2016.

Donald Trump (3 Times)

Celebrities That Have Married More Than Twice
Donald Trump and Melania Knauss

Trump has had his fair share of marriages. The businessman and politician married Ivana Trump in April 1977. The marriage broke in 1992 after he cheated on her with the woman he would marry next, Marla Maples, in 1993. The couple lasted till 1999 when the marriage ended. His next marriage was in 2005, to his present wife; Melania Knauss.

Pamela Anderson (4)

Celebrities That Have Married More Than Twice
Anderson and Salomon

Anderson had her first marriage in 1995 when she got hooked up to Tommy Lee. The marriage worked till 1998 when it crashed. In 2006, she married Kid Rock, in a marriage that would last less than 120 days. After the marriage ended in 2007, she married her next, Rick Salomon. Although the marriage ended less than a year later, the couple was able to work it back for another marriage in 2014, which again, didn’t make more than a year.

Kenny Rogers (5)

Celebrities That Have Married More Than Twice
Kenny Rogers and Family

The Gambler country singer has been referred to as “The Gambler” when it comes to love and marriages. He has been married five different times to five different women. His first marriage was to Janice Gordon (1958-1960). After the marriage collapsed he married Jean Rogers (1960-1963), then Margo Anderson (1964-1976), and Marianne Gordon (1977-1993). Four years after the end of his marriage to Gordon, Rogers married Wanda Miller in 1997, and the marriage is still going strong.

Billy Bob (5)

Celebrities That Have Married More Than Twice
Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie

Probably because of his charm and easy going ways, Billy Bob was able to get five women to share a matrimonial bed with him. Billy’s first wife was Melissa Lee Gatlin whom he married from 1978 to 1980. He married Toni Lawrence in 1986 and it ended in 1988. Next, it was Cynda Williams (1990-1992), then Pietra Dawn Cherniak (1993-1997). His next marriage was to Angelina Jolie (2000-2003), whom as well has married more than twice.

Daniel Steel (5)

Celebrities That Have Married More Than Twice

Steel definitely adds something to the list of celebrities that have married more than twice.

She may be a darling writer who has written powerful romance tales; still, Steel couldn’t hold up five marriages. Maybe she wasn’t lucky or life is no novel. When she was only 18, in 1965, Steel married her first, Claude-Eric Lazard. The marriage ended after nine years, and she met a convicted bank robber Danny Zugelder.

She married Zugelder in a prison canteen, almost like in a novel, in 1975. After he was released, Zugelder was to return to prison after a year for rape, robbery, and assault.

The marriage soon ended and Steel married William Toth, who like her former, had a criminal past. The marriage lasted from 1976 to 1980. By that time, however, she had met her next husband, John Traina. In 1981 they got married and lasted together till 1996 when it finally ended.

She married her fifth, Thomas Perkins in 1998, and it came to an end in 2002.

Larry King (8)

Celebrities That Have Married More Than Twice
Larry King and Family

Another person that has not only married more than twice, is Larry King. He has married eight times, although to seven women. His first marriage was to his high school lover, Freda Miller, in 1952. The marriage ended the next year, and he married Annette Kaye in 1961.

Although Annette gave him a child, the union broke that same year and he married Alene Akins almost immediately. That was to last till 1963 and return in 1968 only to end gain in 1971. In the next return, Larry and Alene had a daughter.

His next stop was in 1964 when he hooked up with Mickey Sutphin, only to end it in 1967. Sharon Lepore became his next wife in 1976. The marriage ended in 1983 and in 1989 he married Julie Alexander. This was to remain until 1992 when they officially got a divorce, after separating in 1990.

In 1997, King married Shawn Southwick, and the marriage was to last longest and remains so.