Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star
Trump, Melania and Barron

Of recent in his political journey, Trump has come round to expect a lot of things from so many people. He has expected the media to be against him, more people like Paul Ryan to leave him, and right or wrong, Clinton to lose the elections. One thing, however, he has never expected was that anyone would attack the Star from his Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Well even if he expected it, he would never have expected the reason behind it. I didn’t expect it and I doubt if anyone did, except, of course, Jamie Otis.

Otis didn’t only imagine it, he went as far as vandalizing the star in his attempt to take it out. Otis who attacked Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star early Wednesday morning, while owning up to the deed, told Deadline that he had wanted taking out the Star to auction it in New York so as to raise funds for the women accusing Trump of sexual assault.

Trump's Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized by Jamie Otis
Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star Vandalized by Jamie Otis

Since the start of his campaign, more than 10 women have come forward to claim that Trump has assaulted them sexually. The number of women rose after Trump’s locker talk tape with Billy Bush was leaked to the media.

Although Trump has denied the claims and threatened he would sue the women after the elections, Jamie Otis decided the women may be in need of funds and the only way he could help was through the Trump Star. The man was recorded as he used a sledgehammer to deface Trump’s Walk of Fame Star which was on Hollywood Boulevard.

Before the arrival of the LAPD at around 6:15 am, Jamie Otis had already left. This is not the first time Trump’s Walk of Fame Star would be attacked. In January, a YouTube Video showed an unknown man spraying the star with black paint and drawing a mute sign on it before hurrying off.


The star also drew some more attention in July when an artist surrounded it with a tiny wall. Atop the wall as a barbed wire with a razor edge, and two American Flags. On the walls were also various signs such as “Caution Border: Keep Out; Prohibo El Paso”, and “Stop Making Stupid People Famous”.


The artwork was seen as a mockery to Trump’s plan to build a fence on US border with Mexico to prevent illegal immigrants gaining access. Trump’s Walk of fame star was dedicated in 2007 and is located near the Dolby Theatre.