11. Al Gore

Politicians Who Have Used Drugs Although the former US vice president referred to his cannabis consumption as a rare and infrequent activity, he was further quoted by his old friend John Warnecke in a biography saying: “We’d get stoned and talk about what we would do if we were president”. Now I guess we all know what “rare” and “infrequent” means coming from a politician – three to four times a week!

12. Mel LeBlanc

Politicians Who Have Used Drugs Talk about not keeping your home in check! The story of Mel is a very interesting one as his drug use was made known to the public thanks to his wife. Yes, his wife! In July 2011, Mel’s wife called 911 and asked a police officer to come to their home. She told the police she had found a pipe and a plastic baggie of drugs in their home. Leblanc was further made to resign seven months after the incident. Was the smell that bad that she had to go the 911 way?

13. Marion Barry

Politicians Who Have Used Drugs Never underestimate the power of a woman! Barry’s first crack bust was made possible thanks to a long-time girlfriend who agreed to work with the federal authorities. He was caught on tape smoking some crack cocaine in a hotel room, he was further arrested and on his return; he was re-elected into office in 1994! Such Bossy moves! In 2005 Barry tested positive for cocaine and marijuana. Once you go the crack way, you go the “highway”!

14. Willie Gandara Jr.

Politicians Who Have Used Drugs The former Texas County Commissioner or Mr “Double Standard” himself; was arrested on federal drug trafficking charges in February 2012. This was shortly after Willie declared that drug legalization was bad for America. He said: “Legalizing drugs is the coward practice of combating cartels, it is an insult to our men and women in law enforcement, and the laziest form of parenting our children and youth about the effects of drugs”. He was later sentenced to six and a half years in prison.

15. Steve Katz

Politicians Who Have Used Drugs Katz, the New York Assemblyman was arrested in March 2013 for marijuana possession, after being pulled over by a state trooper who smelled it in his car. A baggie of weed was eventually handed over to the police officer, but the interesting part is that Katz had just recently voted against the legalization of medical marijuana. What a guy!

16. Ted Vick

Politicians Who Have Used Drugs Ted! Ted! Ted! The former Democratic candidate for Congress was arrested for driving under the influence. Ted was spotted staggering and struggling to maintain his balance at the House of Representative’s parking garage, before trying to drive away. A nearby cop witnessed him having trouble driving a straight line and running over a flex cone. To his defense, he said he had only had two glasses of wine and that his swerving was actually caused by “a rock” in his shoe. Wait. What? Really, a rock? Ok Ted! Was that why you refused the breathalyzer too?

17. Denny Sparks

Politicians Who Have Used Drugs We’ve talked about various cases of politicians who have used drugs, but a politician actually selling to a police informant, now that’s a new one! The former Mayor of Oliver Hill Kentucky was arrested for selling pot in the parking lot of an elementary school. In his defense, he claims to have never done this before and deeply regrets it. Yes, you should regret such an act Denny! What a shame.

18. Dustin Grubbs

Politicians Who Have Used Drugs Dustin Grubbs, the mayor of Poulan, Georgia in 2012 was arrested on multiple charges of drug possession. This was after Grubbs was stopped for a basic vehicle violation and was found with a bag of 57 pills (mixtures of Vicodin). He was further sentenced to three years of probation.

19. Barry Layne Moore

Politicians Who Have Used Drugs Another mayor trying to be a drug dealer? Barry was the former mayor of Hampton, Florida. He was arrested on drug charges after being busted while trying to sell Oxycodone tablets to an undercover cop. The incident got him suspended from his office before he eventually handed in his resignation. Barry was put in jail on a $45,000 bail.