Politicians Who Have Used Drugs

Talking about double standards, it doesn’t get any better than politicians and drugs. These are the same individuals who vote against the legalization of the same drugs they enjoy occasionally, just to be “politically correct” to the public eyes.

Some took it to the next level with drugs like cocaine and crystal methamphetamine which booked them a room in an expensive rehabilitation center or a couple of months behind bars. Here are the top 19 Politicians around the world who have used drugs.

1. George Bush 

Politicians Who Have Used Drugs When it comes to the Bushs, I guess nothing is as important as a good family name. Even though George Bush never openly admitted to drug use, there are allegations that Bush had been arrested for cocaine possession in 1972 and his father pulled some strings to have the records regarding the case disappear into thin air. When Bush is asked about using drugs, he says things like “When I was young and irresponsible”, “I just don’t remember” or “I’ve made Mistakes”. Well, I guess he never remembers because he was probably too high on some of that good stuff to know what had happened the night before.